Yarie T-Fresh 2.4g

Beginner and intermediate anglers can easily enjoy area trout fishing with the Yarie T-Fresh 2.4g. T-Fresh wants to boost catch rates even further. Anglers can also flexibly alter T-Fresh according to their personal preferences.


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Yarie T-Fresh 2.4g

Yarie T-Fresh 2.4g created for beginner and intermediate level anglers to enjoys spoon fishing. The lure works in area trout ponds, but is also used in wild streams. The concept of the spoon is the same as any other. But what the T-Fresh adds a violent action when retrieving at regular speeds.

The roll action at slow retrieve speeds can be manipulated as the angler wills. If used in proper conditions this lure will always brings results. Furthermore the hologram colors create a flash of glowing pattern. This entices the trout to bite. The spoon is equally effective when the fish are active and when they become passive.

The colors will add to your chances of catching fish in muddy ponds, fast flowing rivers or in low light conditions. The colors are developed by the Yarie pro team. Winner colors are for trout that have been restocked in the ponds and are acclimating to the new surroundings.

Hololume Is the latest paint which unites hologram with luminescent paint. Great for darker water areas. Keime Light is a special paint which emits fluorescence by reponding to ultralight light.


Yarie T-Fresh 2.4g tech. specifications

Weight: 2.4g



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