Office Eucalyptus Kokoro 1.8g

You may vary the motion of the Kokoro series by changing the retrieve speed. Depending on whether the fish are aggressive or passive, choose the appropriate actions. The Kokoro spoon looks for active trout in the water’s middle layers.


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Office Eucalyptus Kokoro

Office Eucalyptus Kokoro series allows you to freely change the action by changing the retrieve speed. Choose the right actions depending on how the fish are active or passive. It searches for active trout in the mid layers of water. Furthermore the 1.8g. model is a standard for searching wide ranges or bodies of water. It plays a central part in any anglers lure box. It is a classic and essential spoon.

As with many Japanese spoons lures they have their origins in area fishing. The professional staff of Office Eucalyptus comprising for many champions and competition anglers put there knowledge into this lure. Many hours have been spent on testing and perfecting the concept behind the spoon.
The elongated tear shape is classic spoon shape. And the Kokoro has these iconic lines. Even though there are many spoons that are similar the difference is clear in the water. A crisp action sets the Office Eucalyptus spoons apart.

Office Eucalyptus Kokoro tech. specifications

Weight: 1.8g



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