New Products #1. PALMS Alexandra, Thumb Shad

PALMS Alexandra 35HW, 50HW


Palms Alexandra the flat-sided twitchy minnow. These two aspects of the lure was a major impact on the design and concept. From start to finish this lure is all about precision. Launch this minnow at pin point accuracy , and excite the trout with efficient irregular action. With short movements from the fishing rod.

The creators of the Alexandra 50HW are confident that this cutting-edge minnow is a pioneering lure. All the scenarios are covered, including delicate and finesse trout fishing in the tiny streams. Does not matter how the lure is used downstream or upstream it will perform. It will move at full range, shaking and falling to various ranges. The season do not matter either this lure will produces bites anytime.

Also basic performance is not lost. Use a simple retrieve to get a enticing action. The weights, form and position are designed to allow gliding threw the air for maximum casting distance. With the Palms Alexandra anglers should be able to get the lure to any spot on the river.

Three new versions are available the 43HW model, 35HW model and 50HW.


PALMS Alexandra 50MDS


Palms Alexandra 50MDS has the same action as the base Alexandra. But it is designed to attack deeper ranges. The Alexandra 50MDS has a flat sided form, which gives it a aggressive movement. Furthermore a high degree of freedom in handling it from upper to deeper water levels.

The 1mm thick lip has been cut into an impressive shape to create an irregular balance. This can be used for twitching, fluttering, darting and steady retrieve. The unique shape is sharp and crisp. It not only produces a sharp action, but also creates a less shaky flying posture. Combined with a body form that eliminates air resistance. In turn enabling smooth casting at any distance.

In streams, the single hook produces a less snags allowing the anglers for more daring strategies.

Tungsten Weighted

This Palms minnow has a tungsten ball attached at the bottom of the lip to maintain swimming stability and diving posture and to accentuate irregular patterns in the water.

Lip for strong action

It is equipped with a substrate lip that is highly resistant to impact. The unique diamond-shape creates an irregular and sharp wobble.

PALMS Thumb Shad 39SP, 45SP


PALMS Thumb Shad originated from the Sam Shad. Which started out as a balsa lure more than 10 years ago. It came to life again as an injection lure. The shape, which almost follows the same specifications, ​​has been transformed into a lure that is both tough and easy to use.

Its unique flat form dances in medium water ranges with ease. Furthermore the Thumb Shad can go from calm flow to a fast currents with ease. The basic usage is a steady retrieve which produces a tight action. Moreover the body has a sharp response to rod work. It can be moved without inputting a large amount of power in turn creating an irregular “dirty” action.

Palms Thumb Shad creates a three-dimensional line of action. From the x axis to the y axis. Since it is a suspending Shad, it can stay in the attack zone for longer. Trout cannot resist it. Lastly the Thumb Shad is equipped with barbless hooks. This lowers the chances of snags or the worst outcome – losing the lure.

Two version are available the 39SP and Thumb Shad 45SP

Flat body in keeping with the original.

The flat shape, which is narrower than the width of the lip, produces a unique action and flashing. A high ability to avoid snagging makes it possible to attack complex obstacles in a tight manner.

Strong offset lip.

The thin lip contributes to improved water gripping. But it is integrated with the body to achieve high strength. Making it suitable for hard contact with rocks and other obstacles.


The package shines with a golden aura.


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