PALMS Alexandra 43HW

Alexandra of the Palms is a flat-sided twitchy minnow. It includes minor streams as well as fast-moving rivers. The concept and shape of the minnow are unique.


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PALMS Alexandra 43HW

Palms Alexandra 43HW is a flat sided twitching minnow. It covers small rivers and fast flowing rivers. The minnow has an innovative concept and shape. Thus minimal movement with the rod results in an effective irregular action. Some consider it to be the lure that popularized the sharp twitching method.

Palms Alexandra works up stream, down stream in any season. Furthermore the shape and position of the weight sets the lure to the correct position after landing. Experience the beauty of an irregular action, superior casting distance and light retrieve resistance. In conclusion never miss an opportunity on the bank.

It has a smaller version the 35HW and a bigger 50HW model.

Strengthened body & lip

The thin lip that initiates the movement and sharp action of the lure is designed to be stronger. The lure will be not only more active, but also durable.

Flat body

The flat body and the low center of gravity generates a stable fall. And continuous fluttering action when working with the rod.

Anti Hook Out system

The belly hook is equipped with a ring that rolls during the fight, and an ANTI HOOK OUT SYSTEM that decreases the fish from escaping.


Beautiful design with a deep green that symbolizes a deep green mountain stream.


PALMS Alexandra 43HW tech. specifications and features

Weight: 3.3g

Length: 43mm

Working depth: 0.3m – 0.8m





Working depth

0.3 – 0.8m

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