PALMS Alexandra 35HW

Palms Alexandra 35HW is a twitchy flat-sided minnow. These two aspects of the lure had a big influence on the design and concept. From beginning to conclusion, this lure is all about perfection.


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PALMS Alexandra 35HW

Palms Alexandra 35HW is a flat-sided twitchy minnow. The design and concept were heavily influenced by these two characteristics of the lure. This lure is all about perfection from start to end. This minnow should be launched with pinpoint accuracy to thrill the trout with its efficient erratic motion. The fishing rod is used in brief movements.

The Alexandra 35HW’s designers are sure that this cutting-edge minnow will be a game-changer. There are scenarios for everything, even delicate and finesse trout fishing in little streams. It makes no difference if the lure is used downstream or upstream; it will work. It will shake and fall to various ranges while moving at full range. This bait will produce bites at any time, regardless of the season.

Basic performance is not jeopardized. To get an attractive action, use a basic retrieve. The weights, form, and posture are all designed to allow maximum casting distance by gliding through the air. Anglers should be able to bring the Palms Alexandra to any area on the river using this lure.

The 50HW and 43HW models are the bigger brothers of the minnow.

Strengthened body & lip

The lure’s narrow lip, which initiates movement and sharp action, is supposed to be more durable. Not only will the lure be more active, but it will also be more durable.

Flat body

A steady fall is achieved by the flat body and low center of gravity. When using the rod, there is a constant fluttering action.

Anti Hook Out system

The belly hook incorporates a rolling ring and an ANTI HOOK OUT SYSTEM to prevent the trout from running during the fight.


A beautiful deep green pattern that represents a deep green mountain stream.


PALMS Alexandra 35HW tech. specifications and features

Weight: 1.9g

Length: 35mm

Hook Size: #12 single





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