PALMS Thumb Shad 45SP

PALMS Thumb Shad 45SP features a unique flat shape that moves effortlessly in medium water ranges. It’s also effective in fast currents.


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PALMS Thumb Shad 45SP

PALMS Thumb Shad 45SP is a descendant of the Sam Shad. It all started with a balsa lure almost ten years ago. As an injection lure, it came back to life. The shape, which is nearly identical to the original, has been turned into a robust and simple-to-use lure.

Its unusual flat design glides effortlessly across medium water ranges. Furthermore, the Thumb Shad 45SP can easily transition from a calm flow to a fast stream. The most fundamental use is a consistent retrieve that results in a tight action. Furthermore, the body reacts quickly to rod work. It may be moved without exerting a great deal of force, resulting in an irregular “dirty” action.

A three-dimensional line of action is created by the Palms Thumb Shad. The y axis is connected to the x axis. It may stay in the attack zone for longer because it is a suspending Shad. It’s impossible for trout to resist. Finally, barbless hooks are included with the Thumb Shad 45SP. This reduces the likelihood of snags or, in the worst-case scenario, the lure being lost.

It has a smaller brother the Thumb Shad 39SP.

Flat body in keeping with the original.

The flat design generates a unique motion and flashing since it is thinner than the breadth of the lip. It is feasible to attack complex obstacles in a close manner thanks to a strong capacity to prevent snagging.

Strong offset lip.

Improved water grip is aided by the narrow lip. However, in order to gain high strength, it is merged with the body. This allows it to withstand heavy contact with rocks and other impediments.


The package has a golden glow about it.


PALMS Thumb Shad 45SP tech. specifications and features

Weight: 3.5g

Length: 45mm

Hook Size: #8 Single Hook

Lure type: Suspending (SP)





Lure type

Suspending (SP)

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