New Products #2. DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S, Toto Fat 35S, Zipbaits Rigge 35SS, Pontoon21 AV Type A and B.

DUO Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S


DUO Tetra Works Toto Fat 35S is micro lure that punches well above its weight with its clever design and effectiveness. A classic minnow shape has a shallow working depth of 0.3 – 0.6m. This makes it perfect the shallow waters. Attacking the top layers makes is great for trout, asp, chub and other predators.

Two fixed steel weights ensure balance and performance. The small body is designed for quick reaction. At 2.1g it is nimble in the water and has a high vibration frequency. Designed for optimum performance during slow retrieves, the DUO TOTO FAT 35S will produce a quick and lively swimming action when retrieved slowly.

Furthermore twitching will add another layer to the DUO Toto Fat. Side to side darting will make active predators attack it.

It has a wide front lip which grasps a large volume of water during retrieves. Is equipped with two treble hooks.

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DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S


DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S isn’t simply a bigger version of its predecessor. Some changes to the 48 construction were made to get the required “behavior” and original action. Its sides were flattened, and its forepart was altered. As a result, we have a fantastic minnow with excellent catching efficiency and superb action that deserves to be recognized by many fishermen.

The sinking version’s larger dimensions and, as a result, weight of 3,7 grams made a significant contribution to the series of these lures. The range of casts has expanded, making it easier to fish in broader regions. Furthermore, casting as far as the habitat of asp, a highly cautious fish, is doable.

The DUO Tetra Works Toto 48S, like its “younger brother,” is quite popular among spinning rod anglers. It’s ideal for perch, pike, asp, pikeperch, ide, and chub, which are common “dwellers” in our rivers and lakes. Fans of northern river trout fishing use it to “hunt” for loach, grayling, and even salmon. This “workhorse” style is popular among anglers, and it helps beginners grasp minnow fishing.

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Pontoon21 AV Type A and Type B


Pontoon21 AV Type B and AV Type A spinners were designed by Alexey Vjunov as a universal series for fishing in any type of water.

Two spinners designed for different use cases. The Type B is more suited for flowing water while the Type A works better in still water.

The blades of the Pontoon21 AV Type B and AV Type A spinners are in an original arrangement specific only to them. Light reflection is not unaffected by its smooth movements. The outward section of the blade diffuses light, but its internal part focuses it, thanks to a precisely formed form and convex face!

The blades have an enhanced pattern. Which is created in the typical technique for Pontoon21 metal lures. The blade features two colors. While rotating, the interplay of the two colors adds to the overall visual volume of the lure.

The original sinker for the spoons Pontoon21 AV Type B and AV Type A is formed like a spindle and has tiny grooves. Some anglers refer to the shape as a torpedo. And it’s not far from the truth.
This shape not only allows to increase the casting range due to the perfect aerodynamics, but it also has a acoustic impact.

The picture is completed with a treble hook and a fly. The fly has the ability to get a number of bites. Its hue blends in with the rest of the spoon’s design. It added so that the predator would view the bait as a whole, with no individual elements standing out. Pontoon21 AV Type B and AV Type A were well received by perch, pike, chub, asp, pike perch, tiny catfish, trout.

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Zipbaits Rigge 35SS


The Zipbaits Rigge 35SS is a model with a unique form and a lot of flash. This series’ many versions allow you to correspond to a wide range of surroundings. The minnow can target the river’s upper reaches all the way down to the bottom.

The Rigge 35SS weights are constructed of tungsten, which has a very high density. As a result, it may perform the same function as an equal amount of lead in less than half the volume. As a result, the center of balance of the Zipbaits lure is extremely low. As a result, it produces a strong rolling action as well as a very stable characteristic movement.

Furthermore, even while twitching and jerking, it maintains the required equilibrium. The Mag-Driver Super High Balanced System improves casting distance and accuracy as well.The Rigge series lures all have great flight characteristics. Casting the Rigge 35SS tens of meters with the appropriate tackle is not especially difficult.

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