PALMS Alexandra 50MDS

The action of the Palms Alexandra 50MDS is identical to that of the base Alexandra. It is, however, intended for use in deeper water.


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PALMS Alexandra 50MDS

Palms Alexandra 50MDS has the same action as the base Alexandra. But it is designed to attack deeper ranges. The Alexandra 50MDS has a flat sided form, which gives it a aggressive movement. Furthermore a high degree of freedom in handling it from upper to deeper water levels.

The 1mm thick lip has been cut into an impressive shape to create an irregular balance. This can be used for twitching, fluttering, darting and steady retrieve. The unique shape is sharp and crisp. It not only produces a sharp action, but also creates a less shaky flying posture. Combined with a body form that eliminates air resistance. In turn enabling smooth casting at any distance.

In streams, the single hook produces a less snags allowing the anglers for more daring strategies.

Tungsten Weighted

This Palms minnow has a tungsten ball attached at the bottom of the lip to maintain swimming stability and diving posture and to accentuate irregular patterns in the water.

Lip for strong action

It is equipped with a substrate lip that is highly resistant to impact. The unique diamond-shape creates an irregular and sharp wobble.

PALMS Alexandra 50MDS tech. specifications and features

Weight: 4.7g

Length: 50mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook: #8 Single Hook





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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