New Products #16. DUO Onimasu Kagura 77S/77F

DUO Onimasu Kagura 77S/77F


DUO Onimasu Kagura 77S, a meticulously crafted lure that embodies precision and enduring appeal. Designed under the supervision of angling expert Mr. Toshiaki Sawada, this sinking type model is tailored specifically for trout fishing enthusiasts. Measuring 77 mm in length and weighing 12.5 g, it features a #6 hook and #2.5 line eye hook eye ring, ensuring optimal performance in various fishing conditions.

What sets the Kagura 77S apart is its balanced design, meticulously crafted to facilitate swift swimming and effortless manipulation. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, this lure offers unparalleled ease of use and versatility. Its subtle yet enticing movements make it a standout choice for targeting elusive prey in tight spots and narrow streams.

Moreover, the Kagura 77S boasts a unique appeal that attracts even the most discerning trout. Its ability to mimic natural prey and navigate shallow waters with precision makes it an indispensable tool in any angler’s arsenal. In environments where larger trout dominate, the Kagura 77S holds its own, thanks to its size and enticing action.

With the Onimasu Kagura 77S, you’re not just fishing; you’re embarking on an adventure. Elevate your fishing experience and reel in your biggest catch yet with this exceptional lure. Whether you’re exploring remote streams or casting into bustling rivers, the Kagura 77S is your ticket to angling success.

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Jackall Chubby 41F/41F SSR

The Jackall Chubby 41F is a well known crank lure from a renowned manufacturer. It is primarily designed for catching chub, but make sure you have a strong leader before fishing, as pike rarely get past without punishing this lure.

The Jackall Chubby 41F is four grams and thorty-one millimetres in length. Due to its rounded shape it is possible to cast the lure very far. Inside the pellets are not large but make enough rattle to attract fish from a far. Judging by the bites the noise is quite sufficient. The gorgeous colouring makes the Jackall Chubby 41F a real looker. Fish will not pass by this lure without giving it a taste.

Speaking of the lure’s performance, the Jackall Chubby 41F is very stable in the current. Even when pulling through the fastest of riffles you won’t have to worry about it tipping over or anything like that. Its vibrations are of a high frequency. But not the finest you could say it is a “happy medium” between the low vibrations and the high aggression.

In conclusion rarely does a lure have such a feature set. Everything in this compact body makes the Jackall Chubby 41F an incredibly versatile lure. It is hard to resist for perch, trout, bike, bass.

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