New Products #9. Zipbatis Rigge Flat 60S

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 60S


The Zipbaits Rigge Flat 60S is a lateral flattened, sinking lure from the Rigge line. It is 60mm long and 6.8g in weight. Trout, perch, and asp fishing has never been simpler. It does, after all, have a unique running gait and proprietary Mag-Drive technology for long throws. For main stream rivers or mountain streams. Excellent for fish that stay in the current. Whatever the current speed the swimming action does not break.

Similar technical features are included in the Rigge series as in the others. The Rigge Flat 60S features a modified shad-like shape. Because of their taller backs, bulbous underbelly, and flat flanks, the Flat variants excel, especially in strong currents or continuous pull. It will respond to rod work, sensitive light touches are transmitted. It responds well to twitching upstream and has sensitivity with retrieve. It can perform in any place.

Additionally, the ZipBaits Rigge Flat is frequently used as a sinking hard bait for trout and perch fishing in swift-moving waters like rivers and streams. They arrive at the required depth rather rapidly, depending on the current pressure. You are free to make any decisions you desire about lure presentation. The preferred and most enthusiastic technique is twitching. When using sinking Rigge Flat plugs, you should always be aware of the structure of the bottom. to keep from anchoring at the bottom!

Smaller version are available 45S and 50S.

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