Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S is a sinking, laterally flattened lure from the Rigge series. It weights 5.3g and is 5cm in length. Perfectly suited for perch, asp and trout fishing. Of course it has a patented Mag-Drive technology for long casts and unique running behaviour!


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Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S is a Rigge series sinking, laterally flattened lure. It is 50mm in length and weighs 5.3g. Fishing for perch, asp, and trout has never been easier. It does, after all, have proprietary Mag-Drive technology for long throws and distinct running behavior!

The Rigge series is equipped with the same technical highlights as the others. The Rigge Flat 50S has a shad-like design that has been modified. The Flat versions show off their full potential, especially in continual pull or strong currents, thanks to their taller back and bulbous underbelly with flat flanks.

Furthermore, the ZipBaits Rigge Flat is typically employed for trout and perch fishing in fast-moving waters such as streams and rivers as a sinking hard bait. Depending on the present pressure, they reach the necessary depth quite quickly.

In terms of lure presentation, you may do whatever you want. Twitching is the most popular and excited method. Always make sure you know the structure of the bottom while fishing using sinking Rigge Flat plugs. In order to avoid anchoring on the bottom!


Zipbaits Rigge Flat 50S tech. specifications

Weight: 5.3g

Length: 50mm

Working depth: 0.3 – 1.2m

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook:C’ultiva ST36BC #12

Split ring:#1





Working depth

0.3 – 1.2m

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