New Products #8. PALMS Alexandra AX 50FS/43FS, Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 55S

PALMS Alexandra AX 50FS/43FS


Palms Alexandra AX 50FS is a remake of the original of the fast sinking model. The original was release in 2004, but later discontinued. As water temperature rises, fish in streams tend to concentrate their gaze towards the waters surface. Waiting for food in the feeding lanes where the flow brings in bugs and minnows.

The Flutter Sinking is most effective when used upstream. Rod work is needed to control the lure, to make it light and nimble. Thus allowing it to attract fish with a share landing sound and continuous fluttering. Alexandra AX 50FS sinking speed makes it effective not only in high pressure currents. Shallow rapids are also great to attack with this PALMS lure.

The movement imitates a small minnow dancing threw the main current. This triggers bites and provides the a pleasurable fishing experience. The substrate lip is strong enabling a strong presentation.

Models 50FS and 43FS are available.

Strengthened body & lip

The lure’s narrow lip, which initiates movement and sharp action, is supposed to be more durable. Not only will the lure be more active, but it will also be more durable.

Flat body

A steady fall is achieved by the flat body and low center of gravity. When using the rod, there is a constant fluttering action.

Anti Hook Out system

The belly hook incorporates a rolling ring and an ANTI HOOK OUT SYSTEM to prevent the trout from running during the fight.

Available now !


Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 55S


Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 55S is a flat-sided model that allows fishermen to participate in more techniques. It’s a favorite in fast-moving streams. The Mai model has a powerful movement that is at the pinnacle of the Tricoroll series. The tall and flat body moves quickly, reflecting light and flashing.

As a result, the curious trout takes a bite. Its fascinating falling movement is another weapon. While sinking, it sways and shimmies. This serves as even another reason for a bite. As a result, it’s a bait that functions right away when it strikes the water’s surface.

The square Lip, which firmly grasps water, is another distinguishing feature. It gradually transforms this into a difficult-to-break action.

A rolling swivel is included on the front hook hanger. The hook follows the fish’s movement and reduces strain. There are 45mm, 55mm sizes available. You might make a decision based on the size of the field and the type of fish you want to catch.

Available now !

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