New Products #10. Tiemco Lak 50S/60S, Emiru 50S

Tiemco Laks 50S/60S


Tiemco Laks 60S tested to perform in a variety of fields. No situations are bad to use this minnow. This sinking minnow is packed with elements that deliver results. In upstream, the flat side surface is utilized to create a sharp fluttering actions. That is appealing to the target trout. Designed with a balance that makes it difficult to jump out of the current on cross to down approaches. The combination of the curved body, original lip shape, and weight position allows it to be used in a variety of river conditions.
When the fish does not strike a good tactic is to increase the size of the lure. To induce aggressive behavior and bring it to bite. The Lure’s high appeal allows it to lure large fish at depths and when the water is rising. Although 60mm in length it has an appealing response that allows it to move with rod work. Even with a mountain stream rod.

The Tiemco 60mm lure is an all-round size that can be used at various points of the river. Where people often feel that a 50mm lure is not appealing enough or a 70mm lure is too large the 60mm is perfect. Stable enough not to jump out even in rough rapids where active trout arrive. The wide and flat body with flashing appeal to trout.

With the Tiemco Laks 60S it is easy to fish in the main stream. The center of gravity is set slightly toward the tail to increase casting distance. After the landing when line tension is applied the lure sinks in a horizontal position. It sinks at a moderate speed, making it suitable for drifting methods. Various approaches are possible according to the angler’s intention.


The stock hook are #10, but changing to #12 or a single hook will increase the sharpness of the upstream action. It is setup so that it does not tangle even when a #8 class triple hook are installed to handle big fish. When equipped with #8 hooks, the lure will be more balanced downstream. To meet the needs of a wide variety of anglers the Tiemco Laks 60S is tested with both nylon and PE lines.

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Tiemco Emiru 50S


Tiemco Emiru 5S this sinking minnow is designed with flowing curves. Also the design has included a air chamber inside the body. Thus making it a lure that swims lively despite its being 4g. Furthermore the Emiru 50S responds well to rod manipulation.

The twitching response is especially excellent, and it responds to various rod actions. Fine shaking, natural up and down twitching, fluttering, darting actions. All mentioned allow the angler to create the desired effect.

The weight has a fixed center of gravity. Thus eliminating unnecessary noise caused by weight movement as much as possible. It is also shifted to t he back to allow for excelleng casting distance. Furthermore upon landing the Tiemco Emiru sinks to the bottom fast. This allows anglers to search in points of interest very fast.

The name has an origin from the word lightning or thunder.

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