Yarie T-Fresh 2g

Beginner and intermediate anglers can easily enjoy area trout fishing with the Yarie T-Fresh 2g. T-Fresh will boost catch rates even further. In standard retrieval, a wobbling action is prevalent, while in slow retrieve, a rolling action is prevalent.


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Yarie T-Fresh 2g

Yarie T-Fresh 2g is a spoon bait made in Japan and is for trout fishing in ponds also known as area fishing. T-Fresh aims to further increase catch rate with the same basic concepts that apply to most Yarie spoons. The T-Fresh is not only for advanced anglers, but also for beginners starting out in trout angling. It allows fast and slow retrieves in area ponds.

Upon landing on the water surface the spoon drops with a unique movement that attracts trout. The lure is also successful when fishing in rivers. It can work in fast flowing water or retrieving against the current. Many tests have shown it will not turn side ways and will have a stable action. A successful way of guiding the spoon upstream is to slow it down, with small pauses. When holding the lure in place the play is of a low amplitude and often in these pauses the predators attack.

Yarie T-Fresh 2g spoon color range is rich. There are a variety of colors with some including UV, phosphors elements. The colors will add to your chances of catching trout in muddy ponds, fast flowing rivers or in low light conditions. The colors are developed by the Yarie pro team.

Yarie T-Fresh 2g tech. specifications

Weight: 2.0g



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