Office Eucalyptus Strina Large 2.9g

With a raging motion, the Office Eucalyptus Strina Series attracts fish. It’s made for local trout fishing, but it’ll also draw fish from wild streams. The Strina Large was manufactured in addition to the basic sizes of 1.6g and 1.9g.


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Office Eucalyptus Strina Large

Office Eucalyptus Strina Large brings fish in with a rampaging action. It it designed for area trout fishing, but will also attract trouth in wild streams. In addition to the original size of 1.6g and 1.9g the Strina Large was created. It has improved ballistics, thus improved long distance casting and stronger water push.

Also a line of aluminum Strina spoons can be found. Best for fast casts and finesse rods. Overall the lure catches active fish. Is perfect as a pilot spoon to understand an areas specifics. Very popular within the area trout community. Competition anglers start of with this lure to understand the conditions of the trout pond.

The Office Eucalyptus series is best at attracting fish in murky, dirty waters. Because of the aggressive action trout cannot resist the Strina. Furthermore due to the shape upon landing the lure falls and sinks as a helpless bug. This attribute works great for chub anglers. Cast the Strina under overhanging branches or weeds. Then let it fall. An unsuspecting chub will see this as an easy snack.

Office Eucalyptus Strina Large tech. specifications

Weight: 2.9g



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