Nories Masukurouto Boon 2.5g

The Nories Masukurouto Boon is a traditional spoon designed for trout fishing in the bottom layers. This little spoon’s solid body and small size make it ideal for long casts.


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Nories Masukurouto Boon 2.5g

Nories Masukurouto Boon 2.5g is a classic spoon made for a basic style of trout fishing in the bottom water layers. The thick body and small shape makes this little spoon perfect for long casts. Furthermore to get the most out of the Boon “Stop and Go”, “Bottom Bumping” and “Shaking” are effective techniques.

The small sized Nories lure also makes it easier for trout to bite, increasing the chance of a hook up. As mentioned it has a variety of retrieval techniques. Thus making it a versatile spoon for creative anglers.
Due to the compact size the lure is dense although weighting 2.5g. The Diamond like shape is unique. Making the spoon jump on the bottom creates a small dust cloud this catches the attention of trout. You could say the fishing style is similar to jigging, but with a Nories spoon lure.
The Boon is produced in Japan and is equipped with a single barbless hook. In conclusion Nories have created a one of a kind lure that deserves a in any lure box.

Nories Masukurouto Boon tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g



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