Forest Pal 2.5g

In Japan, Forest Pal 2.5g spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. By modifying retrieve speed and weight without changing motions, you may simply maintain the swimming range. Comes with a single fine wire barbless hook.


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Forest Pal 2.5g

Forest Pal 2.5g is a lengthened spoon. It looks straightforward. However, don’t believe that it doesn’t attract trout. All you need is a straightforward retrieve. The activity isn’t extravagant, yet the trout can’t avoid it. Appropriate for amateurs and experienced trout fishermen. The Japanese trout brand Forest brings the Pal spoon, it is an absolute necessity to have in any lure box !
The spoon has a stretched thin shape. Best portrayed as a half and half between a tear and a pear shape. This makes the spoon appropriate for most retrieves. It works best with a consistent recovery, when spoon jigging it adds an option to wobble strategies. Contrasted with the Forest Miu the Pal has a more articulated flat curve. Which makes it a smidgen more lithe and the activity more high-frequency.
Because of the weight distribution its flight is steady and precise. Depending on the model weight it can be used in still waters and medium or fast running waterways. Because of the marginally bulbous shape, it creates higher water pressure. This is reflected in the running conduct. Thus, the Forest Pal 2.5g when submerged produces a high tension for its shape.
The snap ring and the single hook are positioned so the hook tip projects at a 90° degree. Subsequently augmenting the nibble yield. The sharp and stable single hook is barbless (without spikes). Making minimal or no harm to the fish. The colors are available in a wide range of tones. From regular to crazy colorings. So you will find the right Pal for each circumstance!

Target Fish

The Pal series is incredibly good for salmonids – aslo for chub, pike. Because of the accomplishments of the Forest Pal the series has been extended to incorporate the Maziora, Kagerou and Limited models. These vary by their distinctive shading styles. Regardless of your coloring preference you will find a style for you !


Forest Pal 2.5g tech. specifications

Weight: 2.5g



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