Forest Pal 1.6g

In Japan, Forest Pal 1.6g spoons are a favorite trout bait. It wobbles steadily without darting or erratic movements. By modifying retrieve speed and weight without changing motions, you may simply maintain the swimming range. Comes with a single fine wire barbless hook.

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Forest Pal 1.6g

Forest Pal 1.6g spoons are quite popular trout bait in Japan. It makes steady wobbling action without darting or irregular actions. You may easily keep the swimming range by changing retrieve speed and weight without changing actions. Furthermore the Pal model has moderate pulling resistance maximizes the sensitivity of the rod.

Performance above average in all aspects including castability. The Forest spoon that combines the best of Forest lures. Lastly the spoon comes with fine wire barbless single hook. The spoon has the snap rings and the single hook arranged so that the tip protrudes at a 90° angle to the blade.

This is done to maximize the bite yield. The sharp and stable single hook is of course barbless (without barbs) so that during the bite as little damage is caused to the fish. Furthermore the Pal 1.6g has a wide selection of colors. And finally each one corresponds to a distinct use in the field.


Forest Pal 1.6g tech. specifications

Weight: 1.6g



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