Zipbaits Hickory MDR

Zipbaits Hickory works in a wide variety of conditions. Running or still water its wobble will be irresistible to trout, chub, ide and perch.


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Zipbaits Hickory MDR

A surge in the popularity of ultralight gear was bound to affect the assortment of ZipBaits. In response to the wishes of anglers a series of fatty wobblers was released under the name Zipbaits Hickory. The name pays tribute to the similarity of their body shape with the American Hickory nut.

The round body shape is the same for the whole line. But different blade size and angle of installation, results in different diving depths. SSR (Super Shallow Runner), SR (Shallow Runner) and MDR (Medium Deep Runner). Also each lure body has a miniature size Mag-Drive balancing system with a tungsten weight. It improves flight performance when casting. Moreover it corrects the orientation of the bait in the water. Zipbaits Hickory works in a wide variety of conditions. Running or still water any of the presented Hickory modifications work without a fault. Trout, chub, ide and perch cannot resist its wobble.

All Zipbaits Hickory models have an appropriate size triple hook. But changing to single barbless hooks will not adjust the action of the lure. The rich range of colors allows you to choose the right model for a wide variety of fishing conditions.


ZipBaits innovations spread globally. Including the original sliding weight transfer casting system MAG-DRIVE. It allows for a low centre of gravity, perfect balance and a long casting ability. ZipBaits use only Eco Friendly materials.





Working depth

0 – 1.8m