Supremo Mofe 50SS

Supremo Mofe 50SS is a surface dancer with a lot of energy. The majority of the time, it glows on fast-moving surface waters. The goal of the Mofe models is to disrupt the traditional mold of a minnow using technology. The “Double Lip System” and “Belly Kicker” are exclusive Supremo lure characteristics. In addition, the lure works well in headwaters and small streams. The “Double lip mechanism” also enables the minnow to produce fast and intense underwater vibrations.

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Supremo Mofe 50SS

Supremo Mofe 50SS is a energetic surface dancer. Most shines in fast flowing surface waters. The aim of the Mofe models is threw technologies to break the traditional mold of a minnow. The “Double Lip System” & “Belly Kicker” adds unique features only known in Supremo lures.

Further more the lure can be successful in headwaters or small streams. Also the “Double lip system” allows the minnow to create speedy and powerful vibrations that travel underwater. What is more due to the balance center of gravity the flight posture is incomparable to any other lure on the market. It stimulates and persuades the trout to attach with accurate rolls and fast tail swings.

Although long casts are natural to the lure, the precision is not lost. Even when retrieving at high speeds the lure is steady and balance in the main flow. With Hyper Flashing the lure can be seen at from a far attracting trout to bite. The center of gravity design has three tungsten weights built in the body.

The ABS body of the lure is hard as a rock giving anglers confidence in the durability. It is a long lasting lure. Further more it has a competitive price. The whole manufacturing cycle is in Japan, guaranteeing supreme quality. All in all fishing with the Mofe 50SS is easy, take aim, attack the surface and enjoy the bites.

Supremo Mofe 50SS tech. specifications

Weight: 4g

Length: 50mm

Width: 7mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)

Hook: ST36BC #14





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