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Crank lure – bulbous body, diving lip, simple retrieve. These characteristics are the easiest way to describe crank lures. They are mainly used as search baits due to their running characteristics and cranking ability. They are used to search large areas of water in the shortest possible time. Due to there shape they look like pregnant or overweight fish some models imitate bugs. By this alone they have extreme water resistance, because they displace a lot of water. In addition they usually have a very strong action. The crankbait does not meander through the water, but vibrates at high frequency.
With crank lures you can catch most fish along the bank. Asp and Chub. Both like to linger in turbulence – such as rushing water or behind weirs – and are very happy to help themselves to the fishy food supply. Both fish the surface and will attack anything that crosses their sight path. Often chubs follow the bait for a long time in clear water, only to decide to attack at the last moment.

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Bassday Bun

With wobbling and a huge wake, Bassday Bun turns the tables. Their amusing insect-like shape offers excellent fishing opportunities. Bass, Trout, and tiny Trevally are all popular targets. Furthermore, when worked repeatedly with short jerks, Bassday BUN demonstrates its overall balance. Perfect for chub fishing as a shallow crank.


Bassday Kobun

With wobbling and a massive wake, Kobun turns the tables. Their amusing insect-like shape offers excellent fishing opportunities. Bass, Trout, and tiny Trevally are all popular targets.


Jackall Cherry 44F

The Jackall Cherry 44F has a small body, but when fished, it generates a startling rattling sound. Furthermore, while wobbling side to side, the compact body produces a powerful sonic effect.


Jackall Chubby 38F

At a size that appeals to a wide range of estuary and freshwater species, Chubby’s have a tight, wide action that screams for attention. Whether you want to slow roll them over weed beds or stab and dart them among structure, Chubby’s will convert lookers into scorers.


Megabass Baby Griffon

Megabass Baby Griffon is the latest addition to the Griffon family. The original Griffon crankbait’s golden ratio structure is carried through. This is a little Griffon for delicate application, as the name implies. Its head swings are both wild and ferocious, using its tail as a pivot point.


Megabass Baby Griffon Zero

Baby Griffon Zero by Megabass is a top-water bug bait based on our renowned Griffon Series. I.T.O. has tuned it. It has a larger body than Griffon and a built-in Shaft Balancer. It also has a water intake on the bottom. ZERO will dog-walk at high speed when retrieved with your rod tip high, similar to the Megabass X-80 PROP-DARTER.


Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F SR

Pontoon21 Baby Red Rag 32F is a smaller version of the Red Rag. It is an ultralight lure and thank to the size it is attractive to a wide variety of fish. Still, the main trophies are chub, perch, asp, trout, grayling.


TsuYoki Fugaz 36F

TsuYoki Fugaz 36F a small crank for catching perch, chub, yaz, and other predatory fish. Suitable for standing water bodies, rivers with medium and fast currents. Furthermore applicable when catching a cautious trout. The head part of the lure imitates the gill cover. In addition the glued-in 3D eyes complete the design of the entire bait.


TsuYoki Swing XC 36F

A little crank bait for catching perch, chub, yaz, and other predators in still water bodies and rivers with medium to fast currents. SWING XC 36F has a scale-like surface texture created by diamond-shaped notches.


Zipbaits Hickory MDR

Zipbaits Hickory works in a wide variety of conditions. Running or still water its wobble will be irresistible to trout, chub, ide and perch.


Zipbaits Hickory SR

Anglers requested lighter fatty crank baits, therefore the Zipbaits Hickory SR series was born. ZipBaits’ was bound to be influenced by the popularity of ultralight gear. The name alludes to their body shape’s resemblance to the American Hickory nut.


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