Megabass Baby Griffon

Megabass Baby Griffon is the latest addition to the Griffon family. The original Griffon crankbait’s golden ratio structure is carried through. This is a little Griffon for delicate application, as the name implies. Its head swings are both wild and ferocious, using its tail as a pivot point.

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Megabass Baby Griffon

Megabass Baby Griffon released in 2005 as the new member of the ever expanding Griffon series. Almost immediately, thanks to its amazing catchability, it took the lead in the US and Japanese markets. Anglers literally swept every new batch of Baby Griffon lures off the shelves of stores.

Inheriting the golden ratio construction of the original Griffon crank bait. As the name indicates this is a baby-size Griffon for finesse application. Using its tail as a pivot point, its head swings are both wild and violent with a wide-amplitude sweeping game. The challenge for Megabass R&D team was to pack what makes Griffon so successful into this tiny body.

The answer was to use the Water Duct Mechanism to make this baby swim at the same depth all the way back to you. Since this is a Megabass Baby Griffon, it casts like a rock with minimal wind resistance. With this bait in your tackle box you have a peace of mind, and a little more edge against other anglers.

Developed mainly for catching bigmouth bass (bass), the Baby Griffon, nevertheless, has proven itself perfectly in the conditions of water bodies in Europe, especially in hunting chub, perch and asp on river rifts, medium-sized pike and perch in thickets of grass.


Megabass Baby Griffon tech. specifications

Weight: 5.3g

Length: 38mm

Working depth: 0.2 – 0.6m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

0.2 – 0.6m

Lure type

Floating (F)

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