Medium Running

Medium running lures attack the mid part of the water.

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Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F MR

Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F MR

The Crack Jack series includes the Pontoon21 Crack Jack 38F MR. In 2009, it was released. Anglers were immediately enamored with the lure due to the excellent results it produced. The series offers the most variety in the Pontoon21 lure universe, with three alternatives to pick from. Shallow runner (SR), medium runner (MR), and deep runner (DR) are three types of runners (DR). Furthermore, fisherman have the choice of suspending or floating their catch.


Pontoon21 Greedy Guts 44F MDR

The Greedy Guts 44F MDR has a unique shape. By their appearance and especially by their saggy, bursting belly, these lures resemble heavily overgrown fry. Combined with an unusual location of center of gravity results an improved hang system. This design feature is not accidental. In the belly of the minnow, two weights of the Mag Force Balance II system are skillfully placed. A Pontoon21 hard bait with expressive movement at any speed of retrieve. Jerking, twitching, ripping, pumping, etc. – with the Greedy Guts 44F MDR you become a magician. Thus dictate the way the minnow moves.


Zipbaits Hickory MDR

Zipbaits Hickory works in a wide variety of conditions. Running or still water its wobble will be irresistible to trout, chub, ide and perch.


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