Bassday Sugar Minnow 50S

The Sugar Minnow is a well-known trout fishing bait that has earned a spot in your tackle box. The Bassday lures in the 40/50mm size mimic the silhouette of a bait minnow. Furthermore, if the angler begins to twitch, the minnow will begin to move as if it were a dying minnow.


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Bassday Sugar Minnow 50S

The Sugar Minnow is a classic trout fishing lure that has earned a place in the lure box. The 40/50mm sized lures emulate the silhouette of a bait fish. Furthermore when the angler starts twitching the Bassday minnow will move like a dying fish. A steady retrieve will intimidate predators to attack. Long distance casting is guaranteed by the shifting center of gravity.

Even though the Bassday hard bait is light it will reach those distant areas. Whats is even more impressive is the steady wobble and roll action in fast currents.

In conclusion Sugar Minnow 50S is a must have for any predatory angler.


Bassday Sugar Minnow 50S tech. specifications

Weight: 2.6g

Length: 50mm

Working depth: 0.5 – 0.8m

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Working depth

0.5 – 0.8m

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