Jackall Cherry 44F

The Jackall Cherry 44F has a small body, but when fished, it generates a startling rattling sound. Furthermore, while wobbling side to side, the compact body produces a powerful sonic effect.


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Jackall Cherry 44F

Jackall Cherry 44F has a small body, but it makes a shocking rattling sound when fished. Furthermore the compact body, creates a very strong acoustic effect when wobbling side to side. Besides making different kinds of rattling sounds it has the ability to cast long distances and will set the new standard in crankbaits. The lure has excellent aerodynamic properties and allows for long-range casting.

The lure makes very sweeping swinging movements while casting, which increases its attractiveness to predators. This Jackall lure often comes in handy when fishing in muddy water.It also has a wide wobbling and rolling action that will attract more fish. The Cherry 44F when retrieved makes oscillating movements of medium frequency and amplitude, which increases its attraction.

The Cherry 44F will be your go to lure which lands you a fish in tough conditions. All in all it is a great lure for chub, bigger perch, trout.

Jackall Cherry 44 tech. specifications

Weight: 6.2g

Length: 44mm

Lure type: Floating (F)

Working depth: 0 – 1m





Working depth

0 – 1m

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