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Bassday Kobun

With wobbling and a massive wake, Kobun turns the tables. Their amusing insect-like shape offers excellent fishing opportunities. Bass, Trout, and tiny Trevally are all popular targets.


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Bassday Kobun

Bassday KoBun turns the tables with wobble and large wake. The little brother to the Bun. Their humorous insect like form that imitates a beetle has outstanding fishing potential. It come across as a bug in distress on top or just under the waters’ surface. It has a wide wobble action which is popular with Bass, Trout, and small Trevally.

It has the most downwardly pointed vertical lip. This results in a continuous activity beneath the surface. It creates a v-shaped wake that spreads out. The lure will dive to a depth of roughly 30cm. It has a high frequency wobbling movement when it is in its working depth.

Furthermore KoBun shows its total balance when worked insistently with short jerks. And due a tungsten weight in side, has great casting potential. European anglers will appreciate the lure as perfect shallow crank for Chub fishing. The little Bassday crank lure is for pond and stream trout that could be passive to the BUN. Furthermore using a double split-ring to attach the hook improves hook-up rates.

Bassday Kobun tech. specifications

Weight: 1.2g

Length: 20mm

Lure type: Floating (F)





Lure type

Floating (F)

Hot day, no bites until. Put on the Kobun and BAM a 39cm trout.

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