Bassday Sugar Minnow 40S

A swimming minnow is imitated by the Bassday Sugar Minnow 40S. It will react to twitching or other rod motions. In addition, a consistent retrieve creates an action that predators can’t resist. The Bassday minnow casts beautifully and is incredibly durable for its size. Overall, the Bassday Sugar Minnow 40S is a hard bait that will appeal to anglers of all types.


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Bassday Sugar Minnow 40S

Among trout fishing lures the the Sugar Minnow is a classic. The Sugar Minnow is the base model for Bassday minnows. By large all other lures of similar shape are only variations of the “Sugar” series. Designers at Bassday made sure to include certain features. An elongated, elegant, body with “live” eyes, an outlined gill, the side line.

The body imitates scales which creates a natural, attractive glare. Sizes 40/50mm imitate a silhouette of a swimming bait fish. The Sugar Minnow is easy to control. When twitching the minnows seems like a dying fish . Also a steady retrieve will result in an action predators find irresistible.

Floating options are handy if you want to swim over the obstacles: clumps of algae, snags, rocks. Models in the fast sinking category (e.g., Sugar Minnow 50ES) on pauses, sinks like a wounded fish, which is easy prey for predators. Because of the shifting center of gravity the hard bait cast well even for its low weight. The narrow lip allows for a steady wobble and roll action in fast currents.

All in all the the Sugar Minnow 40S is a lure for anglers of all persuasions.


Bassday Sugar Minnow 40S tech. specifications

Weight: 1.7g

Length: 40mm

Working depth: 0.3 – 0.5m

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Working depth

0.3 – 0.5m

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