Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE

The line is designed for light game, as the name suggests. Varivas engineers devised a notion for creating a line that transports the lightest baits in a relaxed state to their destination. Varivas now has a new fluorocarbon leader material produced in Japan.


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Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE

Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE as the name states the line is for light game. The Varivas engineers had a goal. To create a line that brings the lightest baits to their destination with ease. To achieve this the Varivas engineer developed flourocarbon leader material is at the heart of this product.

One of the characteristics of the Avani Light Game Super Premium is high levels of abrasion resistance. Thus making it the perfect leader for all fields of fresh and salt water fishing. This Avani line consists of 4 strand braid. Although designed for salt water fishing, it has found great success among ultralight anglers. In conclusion the performance of the line is top notch.

Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE tech. specifications

Length: 150m

Diameter / Test: 0.09mm / 6.5lb, 0.104mm / 8.5lb

Color: Light Blue



Multifilament is a thread with many strands (filaments). Often refers to PE line – woven polyethylene fiber. Polyethylene fiber does not work as a single line, thus it is woven with other materials.

PE – Braided Line

With its overwhelming sensitivity, strength, and thinness, PE line has revolutionized fishing. Its non-stretching results in sensitive feedback from the line. Perfect for ultralight jigging and twitching.

It is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than similar diameter sized nylon line. It has a downside, it is somewhat weaker against abrasion. ‘PE’ refers to polyethylene, the original material used to make PE line.


100m, 150m

Diameter / Test

0.07mm / 5lb, 0.09mm / 6.5lb, 0.104mm / 8.5lb


Light Blue

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