Varivas Super Trout Advance

Varivas Super Trout Advance is created from Nylon. A balanced, strong material for high performance fishing.


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Varivas Super Trout Advance

The Varivas Super Trout Advance is a highly durable, flexible, IGFA-class, nylon line. The perfect, thin line for catching alert, nervous fish, among which are trout. Super Trout Advance has a VA-G high-density molecular bond manufacturing method. It produces a stronger, thinner nylon line. VARIVAS VA-G Nylon: high density molecular binding process provides higher break strength to diameter ratio. Thus resulting in thinner line with higher break strength. Futhermore a proprietary SP-T Super Tough coating increases durability and flexibility. Improves cast distance and lure handling.

IGFA class rated in 2 lb, 4 lb, 6 lb, 8 lb, 12 lb sizes. High camouflage line color, misty-brown, blends well with the background.

Varivas Super Trout Advance tech. specifications

Length: 100m

Diameter / Test: 0.128mm / 3lb, 0.148mm / 4lb, 0.165mm / 5lb, 0.185mm / 6lb

Color: Misty Brown



Monofilament lines are a single (mono) strand (filament). Produced by stretching a single fiber material. The most common materials used in mono lines are – nylon, fluorocarbon and polyester.


A flexible and easy-to-use material with a wide range of applications. The material is hard to deform, and fits well on a reel. It stretches, so it can be used as a shock leader. Although it can be damaged by ultraviolet rays and is known to absorb water, recent developments in manufacturing and coating technologies has improved the durability. Nylon lines are cheaper than PE or fluorocarbon, making them great if you are on a tight budget. Furthermore if you like angling small rivers, casts are short range the cons of this material cannot be felt.
Due to the lack of sensitivity and line stretch, nylon is not recommend for jigging or twitch fishing.


Diameter / Test

0.128mm / 3lb, 0.148mm / 4lb, 0.165mm / 5lb, 0.185mm / 6lb


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