Varivas Trout Advance Double Cross PE

Morris is meeting the needs of serious anglers all over the world, with a comprehensive range of the highest quality Fishing Lines and a wide range of Fishing Tackle, under the Varivas brand name. Perfect line for wary fish.


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Varivas Trout Advance Double Cross PE

Varivas Trout Advance Double Cross PE results from the structure of the mesh. The Varivas engineers have developed a concept to create a advance line that brings lightest baits relaxed to their destination. For this they have processed PE fibers and a new material into an X8 braid.

The result caused a stir among Japanese trout fishermen using ultra-light lures. The Varivas Trout Advance PE line combines strength with suppleness and significantly reduces the problems encountered when throwing lighter baits under adverse conditions such as gusts of wind. The Varivas Trout Advance Double Cross PE is perfect line for wary fish.


Varivas Trout Advance Duoble Cross PE tech. specifications

Length: 100m

Diameter / Test: 0.128mm / 6lb, 0.148mm / 8lb

Color: Green



Multifilament is a thread made up of many strands (filaments). Often refers to PE line – woven polyethylene fiber. Polyethylene fiber is not suitable for a single line, thus it is woven with other materials.

PE – Braided Line

With its overwhelming sensitivity, strength, and thinness, PE line has revolutionized fishing. Its non-stretching results in sensitive feedback from the line. Perfect for ultralight jigging and twitching. It is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than similar diameter sized nylon line. It has a downside, it is somewhat weaker against abrasion.
‘PE’ refers to polyethylene, the original material used to make PE line.


Diameter / Test

0.128mm / 6lb, 0.148mm / 8lb



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