DUEL Hardcore X4 PE

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DUEL Hardcore X4 PE easy to handle with high visibility. A tightly braided 4-strand construction body. Has thin coating as on other YGK lines for more casting distance.


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DUEL Hardcore X4 PE

DUEL Hardcore X4 PE is a high-performance fishing line that is popular among anglers for its superior strength and handling. The line features a tightly braided 4-strand construction body, which provides excellent sensitivity and durability. With a thin coating similar to other YGK lines, the DUEL PE offers improved casting distance and accuracy. Its high visibility color makes it easy to track the line and detect bites.

The line is ideal for fishing in a variety of conditions and environments, including saltwater and freshwater. It is available in various sizes and strengths, ranging from 10lb to 80lb test, making it suitable for targeting different types of fish species.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or a novice, the Hardcore X4 PE fishing line is a reliable choice that won’t disappoint. It offers excellent knot strength, low stretch, and high sensitivity, making it easier to feel even the slightest bites from fish. Overall, the Hardcore X4 PE is a top-performing fishing line that should be in every angler’s tackle box.


DUEL Hardcore X4 PE tech. specifications

Length: 150m

Diameter / Test: 0.153mm / 14lb

Color: Fluorescent Yellow



Multifilament is a thread of many strands (filaments). Often refers to PE line – woven polyethylene fiber. Polyethylene fiber is not suitable for a single line, thus it is woven with other materials.

PE – Braided Line

With its overwhelming sensitivity, strength, and thinness, PE line has revolutionized fishing. Furthermore its non-stretching results in sensitive feedback from the line. Perfect for ultralight jigging and twitching. It is 2.5 to 3 times stronger than similar diameter sized nylon line. But it has a downside, it is somewhat weaker against abrasion.
‘PE’ refers to polyethylene, the original material used to make PE line.


Diameter / Test

0.153mm / 14lbs


Fluorescent Yellow

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