Sunline Siglon PE ADV

Sunline Siglon PE ADV is made with a fresh and unique production method. This embeds resin into the line’s inside. This results in increased smoothness, casting ability, and durability.


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Sunline Siglon PE ADV

Sunline Siglon PE ADV is a cutting-edge fishing line that utilizes a special manufacturing technology to create a smooth and long-lasting product. The line features a unique resin that is embedded into the inner part of the line, providing exceptional smoothness, casting ability, and longevity. This innovative manufacturing process is the first of its kind in the industry and is called ‘Deep Resin Technology’ or ‘DRT’.

The DRT technology creates densely combined fibers, which improves the line’s water repellency, making it less likely to become heavy or stick to the rod. This allows anglers to make longer casts without any added stress. Additionally, the line’s unique properties make it abrasion-resistant, allowing for fishing near cover such as timbers or rocks, which is usually difficult with other PE lines.

Siglon PE ADV is also known for its increased stiffness, providing a more stable and responsive fishing experience. Whether you are targeting large game fish or just looking to improve your casting, this line is perfect for all types of fishing.

Siglon PE ADV is available in a variety of line weights and lengths, making it easy to find the perfect match for your fishing needs. Whether you are a seasoned angler or just starting out, this line is sure to take your fishing game to the next level. And, if you’re looking for even more high-performance fishing gear, be sure to check out Sunline’s other top-of-the-line products, such as their fishing lures and accessories.


Sunline Siglon PE ADV tech. specifications

Length: 150m

Size / Test: #0.5 / 6lb,

Color: Turquoise Blue




Turquoise Blue

Size / Test

#0.5 / 6lb

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