Sunline Siglon PE ADV

Sunline Siglon PE ADV is made with a fresh and unique production method. This embeds resin into the line’s inside. This results in increased smoothness, casting ability, and durability.


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Sunline Siglon PE ADV

Sunline Siglon PE ADV has a new and special manufacturing technology from Sunline. Which embeds resin to inner part of the line. This creates more smoothness brings more cast ability and longevity.

Furthermore, SIGLON PE ADV shows an excellent water repellency due to a special resin that penetrates deep into the fiber. This technology is the first in the industry and Sunline named it ‘DRT’ which stands for ‘Deep Resin Technology’.
‘DRT’ is special that fibers are densely combined as the resin penetrates firmly between each thread. This leads to high water repellency. Due to the special processing, the water goes off from the line easily, so the line is unlikely to become heavy. That means you can make a long cast for longer. Also, the line doesn’t stick to the butt part of the rod. As a result, you can continue fishing without stress.

‘DRT’ also make the line abrasion resistance, making it is possible to fish near covers like timbers or rocks in where it is difficult to fish with normal PE lines. Lastly the stiffness is also greatly increased.


Sunline Siglon PE ADV tech. specifications

Length: 15m0m

Size / Test: #0.5 / 6lb,

Color: Turquoise Blue




Turquoise Blue

Size / Test

#0.5 / 6lb

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