Sunline Siglon PE X8

The line is a robust braided multifilament fishing line that may be used for a variety of different fishing techniques. It has a high breaking strain in both linear and knot breaking directions.


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Sunline Siglon PE X8

Sunline Siglon PE X8 is a high-quality braided multifilament fishing line designed for all kinds of fishing techniques. With its high linear and knot breaking strain, it provides strength and durability. This line is perfect for all types of anglers, from beginners to professionals.

One of the main features of Sunline Siglon PE X8 is its outstanding roundness, which provides excellent slickness and castability. Its smoothness makes operation easy and enjoyable, enhancing the angler’s experience.

This fishing line is also tenacious and has minimum bleeding, which makes it perfect for anglers who want to fish with confidence. It is designed to last, even when fishing near covers like timbers or rocks that are difficult to fish with normal fishing lines.

Siglon PE X8 is available in various sizes and colors, giving anglers a wide range of choices to match their needs and preferences. Additionally, it is compatible with all types of fishing reels, making it a versatile choice for anglers who want to use different techniques and equipment.

Sunline has been a leader in the fishing industry for many years, and their commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in their products. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, Siglon PE X8 is a great choice for your fishing needs.


Sunline Siglon PE X8 tech. specifications

Length: 150m

Size / Test: #0.3 / 5lb, #0.4 / 6lb, #0.5 / 8lb, #0.6 / 10lb

Color: Orange


Siglon PE X8 features

  • Compactly Braided & Highly Qualified PE Fishing Line
  • Great lineal and knot strength
  • High abrasion resistance and high tenacity
  • Outstanding slickness
  • Easy operation




Size / Test

#0.3 / 5lb, #0.4 / 6lb, #0.5 / 8lb, #0.6 / 10lb

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