Braided lines

Braided lines are made up of multiple filaments. Often refers to PE line, since polyethylene fiber it is not suitable for a single line it is woven into braided lines.

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DUEL Hardcore X4 PE

DUEL Hardcore X4 PE

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DUEL Hardcore X4 PE easy to handle with high visibility. A tightly braided 4-strand construction body. Has thin coating as on other YGK lines for more casting distance.


Pontoon21 Exteer

Pontoon21 Exteer is produced threw an improved manufacturing process, divorced from manual human labor. Fibers from polyethylene are colored then coated with protective composite. Next the line is braided with a certain tension. Making it dense.


Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium PE

The line is designed for light game, as the name suggests. Varivas engineers devised a notion for creating a line that transports the lightest baits in a relaxed state to their destination. Varivas now has a new fluorocarbon leader material produced in Japan.


Varivas Super Trout Advance Bait Finesse PE

Varivas Super Trout Advance is a low-stretch, high-sensitivity line is ideal for pitching smaller, lighter lures. This premium PE braided line was created with ultralight/light fishing in mind. Sensitivity and low stretch are more effective than nylon at transmitting feedback from the lure.


Varivas Trout Advance Double Cross PE

Morris is meeting the needs of serious anglers all over the world, with a comprehensive range of the highest quality Fishing Lines and a wide range of Fishing Tackle, under the Varivas brand name. Perfect line for wary fish.


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