New Products #7. Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56F, Sunline Siglon PE X4, X8, ADV

Zipbaits Rigge Deep 56F


ZipBaits Rigge Deep 56F is a deep running wobbler from the Rigge series. Its weight is 3.1g and has 1.0m running depth. The lenght is 5.6cm. Well suited as a twitch bait for perch and trout. It has a patented Mag-Drive technology for long casts and unique running behaviour!

In calm currents the small minnow imitation ensures regular bites when the lure is used correctly.
In the late evening hours, before sunset, the prey fish often gather below the water surface. Place the Rigge Deep 56F right there and let it float up briefly after a spinning stop. Garnished with one or two light strokes in the rod tip, the perch and trout usually don’t take long and attack!

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Sunline Siglon PE X4, X8, ADV


Sunline Siglon PE series line is completely new item developed by Sunline for the international fans and customers. The line is a strong braided multifilament fishing line that is applicable to all kinds of fishing techniques. It has a high both linear and knot breaking strain.

It is also tenacious together with least bleeding. Outstanding roundness is another significant feature bringing you absolutely great slickness and castability. Due to its smoothness, operation becomes very easy and enjoyable. With it, Sunline aims to provide every angler with joy and satisfaction from fishing.

Sunline Siglon PE features:

  • Compactly Braided & Highly Qualified PE Fishing Line
  • Great lineal and knot strength
  • High abrasion resistance and high tenacity
  • Outstanding slickness
  • Easy operation

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