New Products #6. Zipbaits Rigge 43SP, Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S, Jackall Cherry 44F

Zipbaits Rigge 43SP


If there is one wobbler that could be called the best lure of all time and the best lure for anglers, it would undoubtedly be the ZipBaits Rigge 43SP, which is exactly what the many anglers who have lost their minds about ultra-light class angling call it.

At first glance, the Rigge 43SP differs very little from the classic “minnow” shape lure – just a wider and taller body and a small hump. However, in the water, no matter how the lure is pulled – normally or with a jerk – it immediately attracts attention with its original, unparalleled movements.

The Zipbaits Rigge 43SP was designed by Japanese designers for trout fishing in small rivers and streams. But it soon became a real bane not only for all predators or “semi-predators” without exception, but also for peaceful fish such as the crayfish, the roach or even the bream.

The Mag-Drive Super High Balanced System is built into the inside of this lure, so that the Zipbaits Rigge is not only stable in the current, but it also goes far, and most importantly, exactly where we’ve aimed it.

The Zipbaits lure appearance is based on the Side Flash Design concept in a purposeful way: it is coated with a special coating that is capable of reflecting light in three directions and attracting the attention of fish from afar.

In addition, these lures are distinguished by their highly expressive eyes. They come in a variety of colours: natural-looking and brightly coloured.

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Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S


Jackall Timon Tricoroll Mai 45S is a flat sided model that expands the possible strategies for anglers to engage in. It is popular in fast flowing streams. The model Mai has a strong movement which is at the height of the Tricoroll series.

The flat and tall body dances in quick movements reflecting light and flickering. Thus triggering a bite from the curious trout. Another weapon is its enchanting falling action. It shimmies and sways while sinking. This acts as another trigger for a bite. Making it the lure that works straight from the moment it hits the waters surface.

Another distinctive element is the square Lip that firmly grabs water. It steadily converts this to a action that is not easily broken.

The front hook hanger has a rolling swivel. The hook follows the movement of the fish and reduces the strain. 45 mm sizes is available. You could choose according to the size of the field and the target fish.

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Jackall Cherry 44F


Jackall Cherry 44F has a small body, but it makes a shocking rattling sound when fished. Furthermore the compact body, creates a very strong acoustic effect when wobbling side to side. Besides making different kinds of rattling sounds it has the ability to cast long distances and will set the new standard in crankbaits. The lure has excellent aerodynamic properties and allows for long-range casting.

The lure makes very sweeping swinging movements while casting, which increases its attractiveness to predators. This Jackall lure often comes in handy when fishing in muddy water.It also has a wide wobbling and rolling action that will attract more fish. The Cherry 44F when retrieved makes oscillating movements of medium frequency and amplitude, which increases its attraction.

The Cherry 44F will be your go to lure which lands you a fish in tough conditions. All in all it is a great lure for chub, bigger perch, trout.

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