New Products #5. Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback, SV Fishing Lures Kokekta 3g, Metal Twitch 3.3g

Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback


Megabass Great Hunting GH46/GH51 Humpback series is substantially taller than that of traditional tiny minnows. The primary section is shaped to be as slim as possible. As a result, the visual effect of a high-speed roll action on retrieve is achieved. The flickering and form changes induced by twitching are also amplified to the maximum extent possible.

In the minnow class, the Megabass Humpback has a high specific gravity and a backward center of gravity balance. It is quite good at casting. Additionally, the angler can reach the target range quickly without being washed away by the rapids. The lure can firmly perform as the angler intended, attracting big trout, even in heavy and complex currents.

Anglers can choose the perfect Humpback GH46/GH51 choice for all light and weather circumstances because to the vast range of color options.

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SV Fishing Lures Kokekta 3g, Metal Twitch 3.3g


SV Fishing Lures Koketka 3g is based on a classic spoon design. As a result, it’s the most versatile pike lure on the market. Even at the slowest reel-in speeds, casting and animating is simple. This SV Fishing Lures spoon is also good for perch, trout, asp, chub, and ide, in addition to pike.

Non-predatory species such as roach, sabrefish, bream, and white bream can be caught using the 3g Koketka. It’s also an extremely efficient trout lure: the unusual wriggling and variety of colors will entice even the most apathetic trout to attack.

Koketka spoons have become a popular choice for angling in all types of situations. In both rapid and slow presentations, its rhythmical sweeping game maintains stability. Furthermore, the SV spoon can be used at a variety of depths in both still water and streams.
When angling for pike in plant-filled still water, Lure’s single hook is a huge benefit. It passes through thin water lilies with ease, allowing for easy hooking and holding of fish. The spoon begins at the slowest pace and can work at a variety of depths. In each situation, it continues to entice fish.

Anglers that favor twitching to any other form of play will enjoy the Metal Twitch. It’s responsive and simple to control, so it’s appropriate for any animation style, not only twitching. The fisherman can cast further and more precisely because to the geometry and changed center of gravity.

The Metal Twitch works with any current or retrieve speed. As a result, it is a powerful tool for anglers to use. Don’t get fooled by the name this SV Fishing lures spoon is effective even when not twitching or using twitching-like approaches.

Casting features are paired with sweeping, aggressive action and an even retrieve. When traveling up a rushing stream the spoon’s game is not stopped. In terms of application conditions, the Metal Twitch starts working at a very slow presentation, making it an all-purpose spoon.

The fish are attracted to a wide side to side wobbling action when jigging. The ability to blend multiple presentation kinds is what gives SV Fishing Metal Twitch 3.3G its “flair.” As a result, unrivaled options might be created. When fishing for asp, chub, pike perch, pike, perch, and trout, the spoon produces outstanding results.

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