Jackson Athlete 55S FH

A hidden gem for mountain streams. The Jackson Athlete 55S FH is designed specifically for this use case because many fish like a mild surface flow. Every part of this athlete 55S has been modified and adjusted to make it a freshwater suspending minnow.


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Jackson Athlete 55S FH

Jackson Athlete 55S FH is a gem that is all about mountains streams. Since many fish prefer gentle surface flow the Jackson Athlete 55S FH is specific to this use case. Based on this athlete 55S, each part is changed and tuned to make it a suspending minnow for freshwater. Thus casting and keeping a constant underwater range is easy.

Low weight allows the minnow to move with ease like comparable to lighter lures. The roll action is appealing to the trout moments after the lure hits the water and starts to sink. Also when it stops sinking and suspends this entices the trout to bite.

Furthermore in tough conditions such as droughts it is difficult for the fish to react to violent movements. Thus there are many situations where slow fishing is effective because it gives the salmonids time to react to the lure.

Athlete 55SFH is unique due to its ability to adapt and change to the environment thrown at it. Making it perfect for fussy trout no matter slow or fast flowing water. In conclusion the Athlete is a well executed bait with interesting colors. It will not leave trout indifferent. The lure movements are simple, but effective enticing trout to bite. Catches perch, pike, trout, pike perch.

Jackson Athlete 55S FH tech. specifications

Weight: 3.2g

Length: 55mm

Lure type: Suspending (SP)





Lure type

Suspending (SP)

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