God Hands Saito 2g

God Hands Saito 2g is a versatile fishing spoon designed specifically for catching lake trout effortlessly. Its finely crafted embossed surface mirrors the natural patterns that entice these elusive fish, while its ribbed design produces strong underwater vibrations, drawing even the most passive predators.


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God Hands Saito 2g

God Hands Saito 2g is a versatile fishing spoon crafted specifically for effortlessly catching lake trout. Its meticulously designed embossed surface mimics the natural patterns that allure these elusive fish, while its ribbed structure generates robust underwater vibrations, enticing even the most passive predators.

Saito’s design guarantees successful catches across various fishing scenarios. Its compact build allows for precise casting, and the diverse range of vibrant colors ensures suitability for any fishing condition. Additionally, the F-series offers supplementary sparkling color choices to enhance its appeal further.

Originally conceived as an area spoon, Saito’s undulating form facilitates swift movements, ideal for navigating streams and lakes with ease. Its durable construction, with a minimum length of 1.2 inches (3 cm), ensures reliable performance even in turbulent waters.

As a downsized model, this spoon excels in both stream and lake settings. Weighing a mere 2g, it boasts a smooth front and a hammered back, making it irresistible to inquisitive fish.

God Hands Saito 2g emerges as a preferred option for trolling, thanks to its sophisticated stamped surface that generates potent hydrodynamic signals. With variations available in 2g, 2.5g, and 3.6g, anglers can confidently select the perfect blade for their fishing escapades.

God Hands Saito 2g tech. specs.:

Weight: 2.0g



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