Jackson Trout Tune 55S

To make a well-balanced lure, you’ll need cast ability, water resistance, and a snappy action. All of these characteristics are present in the Jackson Trout song 55S. At its center, two weights have been placed.


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Jackson Trout Tune 55S

Jackson Trout Tune 55S has proven it performance over the years. It is one of the best lures for trout, but also is appealing to other predatory fish. Cast ability, water resistance and a sharp action are elements required to create a well-balanced minnow. The Trout tune 55S posses all of these features.

Furthermore at the center of this minnow there are two weights. They help to grip water on the lip while keeping a natural sinking posture by making the front side heavier. As with all lures from Jackson it is quality. Feel it straight out of the box.

The elongated body is as classical as a minnow gets. At 55mm it is in the range to imitate a fry fish for which most predators hunt. The sinking aspect of the minnow will allow you to get it to the depth levels you desire. This is useful on the days when the trout are passive and you really have to check every inch of the river you are fishing. Not only that some fish will bite as the Trout Tune falls to the depths. Thus the Jackson Trout Tune can produce a bite every second it is in the around trout.


Jackson Trout Tune 55S tech. specifications

Weight: 3.5g

Length: 55mm

Lure type: Sinking (S)





Lure type

Sinking (S)

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