Megabass Baby Griffon Zero

Baby Griffon Zero by Megabass is a top-water bug bait based on our renowned Griffon Series. I.T.O. has tuned it. It has a larger body than Griffon and a built-in Shaft Balancer. It also has a water intake on the bottom. ZERO will dog-walk at high speed when retrieved with your rod tip high, similar to the Megabass X-80 PROP-DARTER.

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Megabass Baby Griffon Zero

Megabass Baby Griffon Zero is top-water bug bait based on our popular Griffon Series. From the older brother – Griffon zero, it has inherited all the advantages. Very active, fast weaving, sometimes even bouncing over the surface, producing a lot of splashes. Tuned by I.T.O. compared to the Griffon, it has a wider body and the Shaft Balance built in. Also the Water Intake in its underside.

When retrieved with your rod tip high, ZERO will dog-walk at high speed somewhat like the Megabass X-80 PROP-DARTER. Creating with a larger than life water disturbance, hard to imagine from such the small body.Yet, with your rod tip down, it becomes sub-surface crank bait. And thanks to the Water Intake, it will stay under the surface no matter what. Griffon Zero comes equipped with wide gape, super-short shank hooks.

This bait uses the roller gyro balance system unique to Megabass. With straight retrieve the side action is larger than you would expect from such a small body. This action beats up the surface of the water with slow retrieve. With faster retrieve, the wide rolling action will also give rise to bubbles which will attract fish even more. Especially successful with perch, one of the most common fish in European reservoirs. To land different freshwater predators it is recommended to have several colors of this miniature bait.

Megabass Baby Griffon Zero tech. specifications

Weight: 5.3g

Length: 38mm

Working depth: 0 – 0.2m





Working depth

0 – 0.2m

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