Bassday Sugar Deep 50F

A deep-running hard bait the Sugar Deep 50F. It has a 50mm aerodynamic body that weighs 3.5 grams. It can go deep quickly for its small size. Because of the low profile and integrated weight transfer system, casting long distances is simple. Thanks to a slight concave dimple, the wobbling movement is sharper.


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Bassday Sugar Deep 50F

Bassday Sugar Deep 50F is a deep running minnow. It has a 50mm, 3.5gr. aerodynamic body. The 35 and 50 models differ in their play. The vibrations in water are no long sharp, but wide and smooth. The Sugar Deep maneuverability increases the appeal of the Bassday hard bait to its intended prey. For its size it can go deep fast.

Within landing and starting the retrieve the Bassday minnow will reach its intended working weight within 2-3m. Casting far is easy due to the narrow profile and an internal weight transfer system. Thus reaching most potential sports is easy. A sharper wobbling action is generated thank to a faint concave dimple. It is a accomplishment of Bassday engineers and many hours of field work.

Further more the sharp action of the wobble adds uniqueness to the minnow. This attracts predators even more. This Bassday minnow will do down up to 1.5m. Considering the size of the lure it is substantial. The lure is great to probe drop off and deeper shorelines where most often the fish are found. Pike, perch, zander, trout will not ignore this hard bait.


Bassday Sugar Deep 50F tech. specifications

Weight: 3.5g

Length: 50mm

Working depth: 0.7 – 1.5m

Lure type: Floating (F)





Working depth

0.7 – 1.5m

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