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ValkeIN Hi Burst

ValkeIN Hi Burst was the First Spoon developed based on the concept of “high appeal”. The Wobble-roll action makes the best out of the weight and silhouette at each size. Exquisite balance triggers the trout to bite.


ValkeIN IceFake

The ValkeIN IceFake roll action contrasts the action of the Hi Burst. Taking into consideration different usages and various roll actions, a tight roll with a passive action was set up. When using the ValkeIN IceFake a wide range of reeling speeds are possible. The same action persists thew out the range of speeds.


Yarie Dexter

Yarie Dexter spoons are versatile. Nothing out of the ordinary considering Yarie has many years of experience and development. Quality materials, unique shapes, exceptional paintwork are all hallmarks of the brand. Dexter spoons work in every layer of water.


Yarie Pirica More

Yarie Pirica More is a Japanese lure. Designed to catch trout in still and running water. Is effective retrieving slow or fast. The design slows down the movements when the lure is sinking. Effectively handles currents making it extremely suitable for fishing rivers while leading it upstream.


Yarie Pirica More Limited

Yarie Pirica More Limited are japanese spoons, appreciated by lure anglers around the world. Great for native trout game or area fishing.


Yarie Ringo

Yarie Ringo is a Japanese spoon appreciated by lure anglers around the world. Highly successfull when targeting trout and chub.


Yarie T-Fresh

Yarie T-Fresh allows beginner and intermediate anglers enjoy area trout fishing easily. T-Fresh aims to further increase catch rates. Also anglers can freely manipulate T-Fresh on their own terms. Fast action, a wobbling action in regular retrieve or a rolling action in slow retrieve.


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