Jackall Timon Chibi Tearo 1g

Chibi Tearo is a smaller version of the popular TEARO. It’s perfect for targeting smaller fish or fishing in pressured waters. This lure offers a small silhouette without compromising appeal.


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Jackall Timon Chibi Tearo 1g

Want to step up your fishing game? The Jackall Timon Chibi Tearo 1g is the ideal choice. This lure is a compact version of the classic TEARO silhouette, delivering exceptional performance and versatility.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: The Chibi Tearo is a smaller version of the well-known TEARO. It’s ideal for catching smaller fish or fishing in heavily fished areas. This lure offers a small silhouette without losing its appeal.
  • Big Wobbling Action: Despite its compact size, the Chibi Tearo maintains the big WOBBLING action of the original TEARO. This dynamic movement triggers bites, ensuring it remains attractive even when downsized.
  • Versatile Weight Variations: The 1g weight is one of several options, enabling effective fishing from the surface to the bottom. It adjusts to your needs, whether in shallow or deeper waters.

The Chibi Tearo provides outstanding performance in different situations. Its small size is beneficial when a smaller silhouette is needed while keeping the powerful kicking action. This flexibility allows anglers to modify their tactics based on fish size and fishing conditions.

Why Choose Jackall Timon Chibi Tearo 1g?

  • Enhanced Attraction: The unique WOBBLRING action imitates prey, attracting predatory fish from afar.
  • Durable Construction: Made from premium materials, the Chibi Tearo is built to endure repeated use and tough conditions.
  • Easy to Use: Its design makes it easy for both novice and experienced anglers to add to their tackle box and strategy.

Available also 0.8g, 1.2g

Jackall Timon Chibi Tearo tech. specs.:

Weight: 1g

Length: 19mm

Hook: #12

Ring: #0






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