Pandemic fishing.

So it has been 4 months since my last fishing trip and have I missed it. A harsh winter and COVID restrictions locked me in my home to reminisce about the river threw old photos and youtube clips. Couple weeks prior a scouting trip to a nearby river did not produce any results. This trip, accompanied by a friend, we made plans to visit a more potential river. Have been eyeing it for the last year, but never got around to fishing it.

We head out with a light chill still lingering. The trip there was slow. Black ice formed on the roads. It was dangerous. The fact was amplified by two cars in ditches and one with a mangled roof on the roadside. We take it slow and steady. The last stretch of the journey was a forest road. The icy tracks, snow and melt water made us appreciate my friends Volvo 4×4. We were confident it would get us to the river. And it did. First impressions were optimistic. The water was clear not high. Still plenty of snow in the surrounding pine forest. So my guess it will rise later into spring. Plenty of fallen trees and bends for trout to lurk in.

I start with a small 2 gr. spoon. SV Fishing lures Air black and blue to be precise. Friend tries a small minnow plug. First hour I admire the beauty of the river surrounded by pristine nature. Walking the banks I realized how much I missed these kind of trips and how important they are to me. A hour in I get my first bite. A small trout reaches my net. We head on. Another hour passes, the flow straightens right after a deeper bend. Try casting along both banks with no result. Cast the spoon straight down my middle of the flow. A hit and another small trout. Made us wonder were the hell he was hiding.

The next two hours pass with not results. My friend did not have a bite either. We stop, have a bite to eat and a hot cup of tea. I change my lure to a Forest Rondo spinner. Start checking potential areas. A tree fallen parallel the flow, creating a deeper area under it. I cast so I could reel along the tree. A lazy trout slowly rises and follows my lure its big around 30-40cm. But does not bite. I try a second time exact same result. It follows my lure for 2m.,turns around and hides under the tree. I try again and again with no luck. Guess it figured me out. We trek on.

Another hour passes. Come to a slight bend with a tree fallen across the river. I step near the bank and cast just below the tree. Not much depth, but as I reel I see small trout chasing the lure. Cast another time in the same place this time the trout scatter to my side of the bank. So I try my luck casting along it. The lure lands, one turn of the reel and a hit. The rod bends a bigger trout is at the other end. He goes for the branches and weeds near the bank and fights till the very end. Still manage to get it into the net. A fat one around +30cm. Happy with the result I finish fishing in hopes my friend can land something. He tries for another 30min with not result. We head home.

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