trout fishing

Trout fishing

ito craft shimano vanquish
Last wild trout of the season

Good start   Will try keep this short and sweet. Same river as last trip. Gear prepped. Start heading to the river. My landing net hangs no my left side....

brown trout
Magical trout river

Magical trout river On the way A long way to the river threw never before explored regions. Driving threw winding roads I pass small towns, villages, fields with many cows....

Forest river
Small trout, beautiful river

Small trout, beautiful river The river Heading to my favorite river. It runs in a narrow valley with high, eroding cliffs. Its water is cold from abundant sources. A strong...

Bux Oberlo
Start of summer

The summer has arrived The last couple of months were not good for trout fishing. Although I caught a couple here and there it was a mirror image of my...

Winter trout fishing
Winter fishing for trout

2020 started of slow. Five fishing trips all with the same result. No trout, few bites and a lot of guesses why the fish are not biting. Finally on the...

Forest river
No trout

January 1st As tradition January 1st is spent trout fishing. Found a small river I have never tried, minimal info on the web, going in blindly. After a 40 minute...

Winter trout
Overview of Winter

Winter trout fishing Winter is over, well sort of...the calendar indicates it is spring, but reaching hidden streams still requires trekking threw a snow covered forest floor. This winter has...

Summer trout fishing
Summer trout fishing. Bitter sweet ending.

August 15th. Summer trout fishing, nothing can beat wading threw a fresh stream in a green pine forest. Any chance I get to go fishing I used it. A...

Trout from above
A flooded meadow

May 1st. Found a promising river a couple weeks back which I decide to visit again. About 90min north of Vilnius, with a 15km drive threw a spine crushing...

Small trout
Fly fishing or lure fishing

Fly vs. Spinning My friend and I are on the way to a well-known river to both of us for a day of fishing . Friend is a fly fisherman...

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