Fishing small rivers.

Fishing small rivers.

Small rivers are my favorite. Scout one, pack my gear and head off. This time decide on the Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M as my rod. After a 30min drive I am at the spot. If there are trout it will be a great place to head after work. If empty spent the afternoon in nature. A win win situation.

The location although not far from the city is wild. Start at a pine forest and cross a flowering field to find the river. 2-3meters wide with an average depth of about 50cm. Water is crystal clear, deeper areas have a shade of light blue. Casts are delicate, light, no longer than 5-7meters. Every tree stump, river turn seems great for trout . Was not wrong and bites came straight away. Smaller trout are first to the scene. They keep jabbing the lure. Aggressive, but do not commit to take the lure outright. About an hour in the first trout reaches my net. Not the biggest, but great feeling to find another potential river to relax after a long day at work.

The next 3 hours bites keep coming, seems larger trout are also interested. I soak in the fresh, spring air, sunshine and nature. I put the smallest spoon I have. With the thought that hook ups would increase. And soon enough a decent trout strikes. He goes right, then left, the real break clicks. I guide him into my landing net. About a 35cm trout.

I cast for another 2 hours. Plenty more bites, but nothing in the landing net. I end the day happy as can be.

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