Small trout lures

Small trout lures

Small trout river
Two river patches

Two river patches   The heatwave across Europe has hit Lithuania as well. Its 30C with no clouds in sight, not the best weather report for angling. Still the fishing...

Small River
Trout fishing in a small river

Trout fishing in a small river   Here we go again. A new season is well upon us. Already had a couple of outings and only the last brought any...

Brown trout (9)
Back To Trout

Back to trout   Second to last weekend before the trout fishing season is over. With a friend we agree to try our luck in a river I have fished,...

Brown Trout

First part of the summer was spent hunting down new trout rivers. I checked around 10 new streams. A couple showed some promise. Managed to land a couple decent trout...

Small trout river
Fishing small rivers.

Fishing small rivers. Small rivers are my favorite. Scout one, pack my gear and head off. This time decide on the Tenryu Lunakia LKT79M as my rod. After a...

River 1
Pandemic fishing.

So it has been 4 months since my last fishing trip and have I missed it. A harsh winter and COVID restrictions locked me in my home to reminisce about...

ito craft shimano vanquish
Last wild trout of the season

Good start   Will try keep this short and sweet. Same river as last trip. Gear prepped. Start heading to the river. My landing net hangs no my left side....

Trout gear for every budget
Trout gear for every budget

Trout gear for every budget The point of this article is to provide anglers a list of trout gear for every budget. The list is compiled of gear that has...

Bassday Bun Kobun Trout fishing lures
Bassday trout lures

Bassday   Bassday is a premium hard-body lure maker of unsurpassed quality and finish. Has a great reputation not only in native Japan, but also around the world. Each lure...

Trout fishing lures Pontoon21 Crack Jack
Pontoon21 Trout Lures

Pontoon21 In this list I have assembled a list of the the most popular Pontoon21 trout lures. The company has a wide selection of lures to choose from so picking...

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