Last wild trout of the season

Good start


Will try keep this short and sweet. Same river as last trip. Gear prepped. Start heading to the river. My landing net hangs no my left side. First steps threw the tall grass I instinctively hold on to it, since its held by a magnet. Do not want it to get lost (has happened before). It is not there. Must of forgot it in the car. Go back, trunk is empty. Ok, left it at home, no big deal, might have trouble with bigger fish, but it is what it is. I land my first brownie on a custom 5cm minnow. Slowly wading in the next 25metres of river get two jabs. No hook ups. Then by the bank in the tall grass, lies my landing net. Holy crap. Must of lost it last time heading to my car. did not notice and after two weeks I find it, thinking I left it at home. What luck. Chuckled at myself and the sheer luck. In a good mood and with a landing net, time to land I bigger trout.

Same spots – different results


Although fished the same spots the result differed. Trout were more careful with there bites. Jabbing the lure once and heading to the safety of plants. Had to change up the lures a couple of times. Caught trout on 4 different lures. Forest Pal, Nories Masukurouto, Meps Aglia spinner size 0 and a custom 5cm minnow. Did wade further than last time and the trout kept on biting. There is plenty of the river to explore. All in all caught around 10 trout, a couple decent 30-35cm brownies and the rest in the 15-25cm range.

The season


Ended the day after 6 hours. The 2 hours ride home gave me the opportunity to reflect on this years trout season. Although it started rough. If I recount correctly my first dozen outings were miserable with 0 trout seen. Summer was more rewarding in quantity, but not size. In autumn had the two best trout fishing trips of my life. So all it took is around 5 years, countless miles, more than 30 rivers waded to find a river that has decent trout in it.

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