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01 May 2018
Posted by Vytautas
Small trout
Fly fishing or lure fishing

Fly vs. Spinning My friend and I are on the way to a well-known river to both of us for a day of fishing . Friend is a fly fisherman who is trying to convert me to this cult. And I am trying to master spinning fishing. The stage is set for a little competition...

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16 April 2018
Posted by Vytautas
Spring Trout Fishing
Spring trout fishing in a flooded meadow

April 14th. Spring trout fishing, gets me out of my winter hibernation. Weather is magnificent. Sunny, clear, blue skies, calm winds. I pack my gear and make a 80km trip to small stream south of Vilnius. My first time fishing it. First impressions - discouraging. The stream is tiny, water is crystal clear ,...

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25 February 2018
Posted by Vytautas
Bassday Bun Kobun Trout fishing lures
Bassday trout lures

Bassday   Bassday is a premium hard-body lure maker of unsurpassed quality and finish. Has a great reputation not only in native Japan, but also around the world. Each lure is carefully crafted and thoroughly tested. Making it a guaranteed fish catcher. Bassday originally built a range to attract strikes from large trout and freshwater...

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07 February 2018
Posted by Vytautas
Winter trout
Winter trout fishing

Start to the year   Winter trout fishing is always special. It means that the season has opened and it is my first outing for trout in the last 3-4 months. The weather is cloudy, windy the temperature +6C, frozen guides will not be an issue, time to open the trout season. No pressure for...

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02 February 2018
Posted by Vytautas
Trout fishing lures Pontoon21 Crack Jack
Pontoon21 Trout Lures

Pontoon21 Pontoon21 has a wide selection of lures to choose from. To make thing for easy I have picked out the most suitable for trout fishing. I have hand on experience with each lure. First an introduction to Pontoon21 as a manufacturer. The company is a joint venture between European, Japanese and Chinese designers, lure...

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20 January 2018
Posted by Vytautas
tenryu lunakia LKS77M
Tenryu Lunakia LKS77M

Tenryu Lunakia Sonic LKS77M The Tenryu Lunakia Sonic LKS77M is a replacement for my Lunakia LKT79 (older generation of the rod) which I loved and adored, but to my horror broke because of my own fault. Straight from the rack the Lunakia Sonic felt perfect in my hand. Not really explainable, but every angler knows...

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